Swiss artist JOANA ROOTS founded her new own label J-Roots Music

to share her music with the world. Listen for free and grab your copy.


We are one in this world – the same sun, the same sky, the same air we breathe.


“Swiss artist JOANA ROOTS recently founded her own label J-ROOTS MUSIC to share her art & music with the world. With her music, her art and her messages she stands for a lifestyle about respect and love, about living life consciously, about taking responsibility for your own life and freedom. Still she was never a moralizer, but she is convinced that music is one of the best ways to carry the good into the hearts of the people. Her musical roots range from R&B to reggae, folk and psychedelic, but they find their golden thread in a voice that comes directly from the soul reflecting worlds that any eye can see. Pure Soul Music.”
Joana Roots Musician & Artist