The independence she develops by recording, producing and releasing her songs enables her to do what she wants to do. From the age of 4, she began her musical career at the Conservatory of Fribourg with classical piano and then Jazz Piano as pianist of the Mini Big Band under the direction of Max Jendly. She grew up as the daughter of a singer and collected in her teenage years studio and band experiences, which had on the one hand the beginning of arranging & producing and on the other hand an inspired by different styles influence. Her musical roots range from Neo-Soul / Soul & RnB / Hip Hop to Reggae & Dub, Dance & Pop to Folk, World Music and Psychedelic.

With her music, her art and her messages, she stands for a lifestyle characterized by authenticity, a conscious life and self-responsibility. As a „great soul hunter“ she is inevitably attracted by great souls, through which she also likes to be inspired in her songs. She does not see herself as a moralist, but is convinced that music is one of the best ways to release „the good“ in people’s hearts.


JOANA ROOTS  – independent female artist & producer

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We are one in this world – the same sun, the same sky, the same air we breathe.

May I help You?

Joana Roots VOCAL ART COACHING in Bern (CH) – get that modern sing style, free yourself with a new mind set, get to know how to make your own music, get help in songwriting, let’s record and arrange your own songs in my studio!

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